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G-tyres + G-cams mods
by B7ake - 2:23pm

The Shift 2 Modding Thread
by LamboMantisMan23 - 2:22pm

How do i fix start lights
that dont work?

by Goresh - 2:22pm

KTM Xbow - International for
Assetto Corsa by flashcrow

by flashcrow - 1:49pm

WEC 2014 season
by diffuser - 1:48pm

For the current users: what
would u compare it to...

by murphy0207 - 1:20pm

Tom Coronel WTCC 2014
Cevrolet Cruze for Race 07 /
GTR Evo / Race On by

by gyarmatijanos - 12:21pm

LCD Mode Problem
by diffuser - 12:13pm

75 Zandvoort for rFactor by

by richrosa - 12:12pm

ETCC 2014 news and rumours
by KindaUnstuck - 11:51am

how to Spice up F1.
by Jonny683 - 11:39am

Zimspeed Rear wing for
Porsche 911 GT2 for GTR2 by

by saxony21 - 10:48am

Baku Circuit
by Sir Wolf - 9:59am

Project CARS videos.
by Digiprost - 9:33am

SunMod for Assetto Corsa by

by fantomas - 9:05am

Iriski Venac hillclimb for
rFactor by lemax

by Sphinx666 - 8:24am

VIDEOS on iRacing
by Schlachtzeuger - 8:12am

Ferrari 250 GT SWB release

by Josepmaria - 7:36am

Sellable Speedhunters cars
for NFS Shift 2 by pez2k

by IDENLINE - 7:26am

NFS Shift BFF Tools for NFS
Shift by japamd

by IDENLINE - 7:23am

News [RSS Feed]
added: 1:47pm, 19th April 2014 by flashcrow
"Just some simple xbow skins featuring flags from around the world. Countries included are Australia, Canada. France,.."
view details
added: 9:25pm, 18th April 2014 by motorfx
"75 Zandvoort This track is based on the later scratch built 2.5 version that was initially made for rFactor by GPC team, .."
view details
added: 8:06pm, 18th April 2014 by ScarfaceHood
"Straight big wing for the Porsche 911 GT2 / GT2 Evo, as seen on some of the various cars running in actual championships. I.."
view details
added: 5:13pm, 18th April 2014 by Milouz
"ORSM V8SC Skin Xbox one 2013 Bathurst 2013"
view details
added: 11:58am, 18th April 2014 by motorfx
"75 Zandvoort This track is based on the later scratch built 2.5 version that was initially made for rFactor by GPC team, .."
view details
added: 8:28am, 18th April 2014 by frenkie71
"CITROEN DS3 WRC - Zengő - MOL Group Based on Norbert Michelisz's WTCC car, it made for request "
view details
added: 8:11pm, 17th April 2014 by vectorslide
"The idea was to simulate a typical mid spring/fall day weather and bring back some of the atmosphere pre 0.8 patch. Mod.."
view details
added: 4:25pm, 17th April 2014 by AFTERBURNER
"Here it is. The Chevy of Tom. There is one thing where this car is different from the real one. The Valvoline logo on the.."
view details
added: 11:34pm, 16th April 2014 by flashcrow
"Another V8 Supercar skin. This time the Nissan Altima of the Norton Hornets, driven by James Moffat. This series of skins.."
view details
added: 4:37pm, 16th April 2014 by Horus
"A fantasy skin inspired by the Sonic series."
view details
added: 3:19pm, 16th April 2014 by DerDumeklemmer
"RoadOne International GTL V1.0 =============================== RoadOne was created for NR2k3 by Smokey0023, later on is.."
view details
added: 1:40pm, 16th April 2014 by Horus
"A fantasy skin for the Ferrari 312t"
view details
added: 11:00am, 16th April 2014 by vampireone
"This is a fantasy 3 pack for Core Autosport. I've always like the livery and wanted to do something with it. just place.."
view details
added: 3:44pm, 15th April 2014 by rssphp
"Enhanced effects and forcefeedback. Added support steering DEFENDER Wheel USB. You will feel the impact when shifting.."
view details
added: 3:32pm, 15th April 2014 by DerDumeklemmer
"Motorland Aragón GTL V1.0 ========================== Motorland Aragón was build from scratch by ADMF1, Athon, Bubu,.."
view details
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