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Latest Posts
Pace Park for GTR2 by

by bob gnarley - 11:08pm

Has anyone CMR05 working in
Windows 8 (or 7) ?

by babis_xo - 10:52pm

Pace Park for Assetto Corsa
by DerDumeklemmer

by System - 10:46pm

Pace Park for GT Legends by

by System - 10:41pm

Wheel Issue
by dalejr8afan - 10:17pm

Anyone has got
RealHeadMotion plug-in ?

by PHErnie - 9:35pm

Fair price for a DFGT
by fnugen - 9:31pm

[WIP] BPR Global GT Series
by Skywilk - 9:18pm

Formula One 2015
by Highway Racer - 9:15pm

Is there a mod that removes

by Zipdrive - 9:05pm

[WIP] 24 Hours off Le Mans
1997 GT2 skinpack

by erba72 - 9:03pm

2 by xlrt

by quasar_ - 9:00pm

Best grid in Formula One

by Chronus - 8:17pm

Subaru PUMA X Games
2013-David Higgins for WRC 4
by Lashen

by Lashen - 7:52pm

Subaru PUMA Rallycross
2013-Bucky Lasek for WRC 4
by Lashen

by Lashen - 7:52pm

Bonehead move at the Rolex
24 Hours

by mudpuppy - 7:14pm

Using dattool.exe?
by lagsye - 6:15pm

Project CARS Builds

by wicken - 6:11pm

Project CARS videos.
by Digiprost - 6:06pm

Austin Healey - Ninja - 66
for GT Legends by SJ_Stick

by Starraider - 5:58pm

News [RSS Feed]
added: 10:46pm, 30th January 2015 by DerDumeklemmer
"Pace Park V1.0 =============== Pace Park is *vitual* race track created by my close friend MoSum at days of F1C. MY.."
view details
added: 10:44pm, 30th January 2015 by DerDumeklemmer
in GTR2 » Tracks
"Pace Park V3.0 ============== ============================================== GTR2 version by,.."
view details
added: 10:41pm, 30th January 2015 by DerDumeklemmer
"Pace Park V3.0 ============== Pace Park is a fictonal track originally design for F1C by MonSum. MY BIGGEST RESPECT FOR.."
view details
added: 3:17pm, 29th January 2015 by a NeelJ by Rainmaker
"Following the wish of the author here is the French track Albi in his historic configuration. This 3D-track was made by.."
view details
added: 2:59pm, 29th January 2015 by Rainmaker
"v1.2 - fixed normals of the crowds - reworked cams v1.01 - added original KUNOS curb values This 3D-track was made.."
view details
added: 9:08am, 29th January 2015 by Lashen
"David Higgins's 2013 Subaru PUMA X Games Livery + Glasses + Wheels (Bright Blue & Black)"
view details
added: 1:39am, 29th January 2015 by xlrt
"XLRTDRIVE is a new tyre and physics mod for SHIFT 2. It provides more grip than vanilla game and improves car physics to be.."
view details
added: 11:20am, 28th January 2015 by Muddie7272
"Championchip Supertuning -8 Career Stages -Scrolling Option in the Season Circuit Box for more than 8 Tracks -The.."
view details
added: 11:18am, 28th January 2015 by Muddie7272
"Here are some Updated lods for this nice gem Bring it on.."
view details
added: 8:13am, 28th January 2015 by Lashen
"Bucky Lasek's 2013 Subaru PUMA Rallycross Livery + Glasses + Wheels (Orange & Black)"
view details
added: 8:21pm, 25th January 2015 by AlbersF1
"Welcome to the extra designs from the Ginetta GT Supercup 2014 series. Adds 26 more cars to the mod. Get the base car.."
view details
added: 10:56am, 25th January 2015 by Lashen
"Sverre Isachsen's 2013 Subaru PUMA Rallycross Livery + Glasses + Wheels (Lime Yellow & Black)"
view details
added: 5:14pm, 24th January 2015 by Ralf73
"BMW 320 Turbo Gr.5 Jaegermeister "
view details
added: 2:53pm, 24th January 2015 by terror
"drop de skin in te map projectcars\PPCARS\pCars\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries "
view details
added: 12:36pm, 24th January 2015 by Ishigami
"High resolution skins without texture compression of #91 and #92 Manthey Racing Porsche 911 RSR for the URD EGT Darche for.."
view details
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James Hunt in Niki Lauda's Ferrari 312T2, 1976 Monaco GP
by Mati
Honda Civic Si Cup Mobil 1
by Reddog0088
Mobil 1 Honda Civic Si Cup
by Reddog0088
Bluebird RC
by felixcast
Bluebird RC 1969
by felixcast
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Assetto Corsa - BMW M3 E30 S1 @ Nurburgrinr Sprint - Race [G27]
by lash20
Auto Club Revolution - Mitsubishi Eclipse GT - L.A. RIVER - 3 laps
Assetto Corsa Albi 1967 1.0
by Necopt
Assetto Corsa Interlagos Beta 0.6
by Necopt
Opel Kadett V8 GTR
by Capri87

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