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Win a game in our Screenshot of the Month Competition
posted by Webmin - 5:49pm, 11th July 2015

Each month we will be running a competition to find the best 'Screenshot' created by our members. The winner will receive a game of his choice from a selection offered by us, plus 3 months Premium membership of the site. There will be 4 runner up prizes of 3 months Premium membership of the site. The competition is open to all site members and you can enter as many times as you like, as long as you follow the few simple rules.

The current prizelist includes the following games: Assetto Corsa, DiRT Rally, Euro Truck Simulator, Formula Truck 2013, Game Stock Car Extreme, and Project CARS. The list may change in the future as prizes are awarded. All games will be sent as gifts on Steam.

You can see the full rules of the competition at

added: 12:00am, 28th July 2015 by ical_everon
"Simple reskin default driver suit (white), helmet, & pit marshal."
view details
added: 7:17am, 27th July 2015 by Lashen
"Charles Ng's Formula Drift 2015 Infiniti G35 Livery (5880x) + Wheels + My Drift Tunings For Infiniti G35"
view details
added: 10:19am, 23rd July 2015 by DM2zzion
"#301 BMW M235i Racing - "Team Scheid-Partl Motorsport" - 24h Nürburgring 2014 #666 BMW M235i Racing - "Team.."
view details
added: 10:07am, 23rd July 2015 by T0MMY3688
"Fictional Audi A1 Quattro livery based on my Audi A1 back in NFS World 3 versions available, one with a full number box,.."
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added: 3:19pm, 22nd July 2015 by Muddie7272
"Championchip Supertuning -8 Career Stages -Scrolling Option in the Season Circuit Box for more than 8 Tracks -The.."
view details
added: 10:16am, 22nd July 2015 by albert88
"Ford Capri Gr 5 "Belga" fictional livery "24h de Francorchamps 1980" Drivers: Marc Duez / Jean Michel.."
view details
added: 7:22am, 22nd July 2015 by B7ake
"G-Tyres-TrueGRIP and G-Vision are mods for unpacked NFS Shift 2U patch 1.02 and DLC cars. I`d like to thank whole.."
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added: 6:03pm, 21st July 2015 by GTP_Furinkazen
"My first upload here and a re-edit of the .gtr file and background pictures for menus for the GTR2 UI Mod for those of you.."
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added: 9:40pm, 19th July 2015 by Brickyard Legends Team
"Brickyard Legends Team present : BMW M1 Gr5 & GTX The BMW M1 was originally conceived to be a challenger to the.."
view details
added: 1:20pm, 19th July 2015 by Lashen
"DRIFTWORKS S15 Livery (5880x) + My Drift Tunings For S15 (New) Requested livery by 'KekcON'"
view details
added: 8:08pm, 18th July 2015 by skylinemanning
"Hasegawa Racing by Skyline Design for Stock Car Extreme"
view details
added: 6:51pm, 18th July 2015 by psicolizzard
"The iconic Marlboro Skin made for the pCars."
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added: 1:32pm, 18th July 2015 by PassiveObsessive
"You'll probably want to change the classes line in the .car file"
view details
added: 1:30pm, 18th July 2015 by PassiveObsessive
"You'll probably want to change the classes line in the .car file"
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added: 1:25pm, 18th July 2015 by PassiveObsessive
"You'll probably want to change the classes line in the .car file"
view details
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