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Latest Posts
BMW M3GTR Updated Steering
Wheel for GTR2 by maxaudio

by major23 - 12:17am

Tiger Moth Aerodrome
by CX650 - 11:54pm

Col de Joux Plane for Race
07 / GTR Evolution by kuato

by Luiz Antonio - 11:23pm

Yugo for GTR2 by lemax
by Capri87 - 10:49pm

BMWM1 Procar v2 for GTR2 for
GTR2 by RMi Release Group

by jgf - 9:55pm

S2U Unofficial Community

by JDougNY - 8:35pm

Senna Cevert Kart Pack for
rFactor 2 by Gui Cramer

by rockerbr - 8:14pm

GTR2 new menus/interface!

by XtraLarge - 7:35pm

Nascar Heat G3Platinum
Classics Mod

by Spike - 7:08pm

w.i.p le mans scgt 90's
by 99dk - 6:37pm

Momo Gebhardt Racing Porsche
230 for Assetto Corsa by

by Guimengo - 6:07pm

Project CARS videos.
by rauf00 - 5:48pm

The Shift 2 Modding Thread
by B7ake - 5:19pm

The Fanatec Support thread
by Eric Rowland - 5:01pm

Vaughn Gittin jr 2013-14 FD
Livery - UPDATE for NFS
Shift 2 by Lashen

by Lashen - 4:49pm

rF2 Video
by Ak1504 - 2:22pm

Bmw E30 GrA Martini Squadra
for Assetto Corsa by

by BlkJello - 1:56pm

F1 91 mod wet tyres

by muzikant - 1:36pm

new here
by Andy Clegg - 11:18am

2014 Honda autopilot

by Insegnanteinglese - 10:49am

News [RSS Feed]
added: 8:09pm, 1st October 2014 by Guimengo
"This is imagining both drivers in rFactor 2's current karts. The pack includes Cevert's 1973 Tyrrell, Senna's.."
view details
added: 6:25am, 1st October 2014 by Lashen
"Name tag - UPDATED + New Wheels (Vaughn Gittin jr isn't using 'HRE Wheels' for his FD Mustang RTR any longer.."
view details
added: 2:55am, 1st October 2014 by maranello28
"Inspired by Martini classic sponsor"
view details
added: 11:21pm, 30th September 2014 by Icarus2007
"Assetto Corsa Hankook skin pack screenshots.."
view details
added: 10:49pm, 30th September 2014 by lemax
in GTR2 » Mods
"some say yugo is the worst car ever... probably not far from the truth, but.... :) -Yugo for GTR2 by lemax -version.."
view details
added: 11:27pm, 29th September 2014 by maranello28
"Inspired by Japanese SuperGT"
view details
added: 8:24pm, 29th September 2014 by maranello28
"Classic Petronas sponsor on 599xx"
view details
added: 11:13pm, 28th September 2014 by brrupsz
"(Polish Tyre Mod)u v1.76 is a physics modification for SHIFT 2:Unleashed. It's aimed to turn this game into simulation.."
view details
added: 3:48pm, 28th September 2014 by Yuki729
"This is a MOD to add "Mazda RX-7 SPIRIT R". 3D models and physics are based on vanilla car. For Unpacked Game.."
view details
added: 10:28pm, 27th September 2014 by boxer
"Skin for car #77 for ISI rFactor2 Indy MOd. (3 skins cars, drivers, helmets) Schmidt Peterson Motorsports 1) Orange.."
view details
added: 5:25pm, 27th September 2014 by Lashen
"Mad Mike's MADBUL 2014 Livery Mazda RX 7 + Wheels"
view details
added: 9:19am, 26th September 2014 by Dominique71SRB
"designs by: transferred to Race07 Retropainter "
view details
added: 2:00pm, 25th September 2014 by Lashen
"Ceylon Drift Team - BMW E30 - Personal Livery + Wheels"
view details
added: 3:35am, 25th September 2014 by RollingChicane
"This track is a collection of some of my favorite turns from F1 and WTCC. It is 5.3km and I've tried my best to make it.."
view details
added: 4:50pm, 24th September 2014 by barcika - DerDumeklemmer
"Jefferson Circuit - GTL v 1.20 created by barcika, use google earth and gps data. F1C version:.."
view details
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Latest Photos
TMS G3Platinum classics mod
by Spike
by soppamies
courage c34-36- w.i.p
by 99dk
~ Jack O'Spades ~
by LeGhoul
by DooGal
Latest Videos
by vash59
Antti Kalhola - Born To Race
by Mati
rFactor 2 CitroŽn DS3 WRC Start Test Croft Circuit
by jumpman25
DTM Championship ROUND 11
by mariusmnm
GTR 2, Aston Martin DBR9, Jefferson Circuit, 9 lap race.
by RoryTrackrod

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