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Assetto Corsa races are back!
posted by Webmin - 2:03pm, 15th April 2017

Today we're pleased to announce a new partnership with Sim Racing System

If you havn't heard of it before, Sim Racing System was designed to allow simracers from all across the globe to enjoy some of their favourite sims on a regular basis, via their fully automated system including a driver rating system based on results and incidents. Races are run every hour with several concurrent series at a time so there's something to please everyone.

Starting on Monday 17th April NoGripRacing and Sim Racing System have teamed up to bring you the F1 Classics series featuring the Ferrari 312t and Lotus 72d.

Full series details can be found in our Assetto Corsa Races forum

added: 4:23pm, 24th April 2017 by Adrian_DTM_90
"Skin Seat Ibiza KitCar @ Rallye de Maspalomas 1997 (It replaces the "Kicker" skin, Blue and Yellow.."
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added: 4:22pm, 24th April 2017 by haunetal1990
"THIS MOD DOES INCLUDE: -1 chassis (Dallara GP3-13) -24 Cars (liveries) of 8 teams of the 2015 GP3 season -2013-2015 GP3.."
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added: 4:20pm, 24th April 2017 by JoeSchmoe
"Here are some add on wheels for the Corolla, one for each car that came with the mod...... The original wheels are still.."
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added: 4:19pm, 24th April 2017 by darkracer99
"This is my first skin uploaded. It's a 3 cars pack with the main characters of Sonic Underground. Hope you like.."
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added: 6:04pm, 21st April 2017 by albert88
"Alfa Romeo GTA "STELLA ARTOIS" #49 "24h de Francorchamps 1977" Drivers: T. PILETTE/B. VAN.."
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added: 6:31pm, 20th April 2017 by AlbersF1
"Indi Racing's team skins for the Euro Cup 2017 series hosted at SEAT Racing.."
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added: 10:01pm, 19th April 2017 by HansKindler
"Nothing big this time, only a repair. Working Cockpit light for the Courage C-41"
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added: 8:15am, 19th April 2017 by albert88
"Alfa Roméo GTA "Stella Artois" #49 24h de Francorchamps 1977 Drivers: T.Pilette / B.Van Noort / H.Nijsten"
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added: 12:00pm, 16th April 2017 by GTP_Furinkazen
in GTR2 » Tracks
"Macau 2005 is reworked for the 1990s for GTR2! Perfect for racing F3 and Touring Cars. Enjoy this Easter treat from FRM Race.."
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added: 8:26am, 12th April 2017 by albert88
"Mazda 787b Mobil 1 (Fictional Team)"
view details
added: 3:42pm, 7th April 2017 by CY-33
"Here are the templates for our Team21& Toyota Corolla mod. Body, Windows, Cockpits and Banner templates are.."
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added: 11:12am, 5th April 2017 by HansKindler
"Contents: Riley & Scott MKIII/A car #2 Daytona 1996 Screaming Eagles Racing Car #4 Daytona 1996 Doyle Racing Car.."
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added: 11:12am, 3rd April 2017 by Team21 and
"Toyota Corolla E30 - Generation 3 V2.0 for GT Legends by Team21&"
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added: 6:10pm, 2nd April 2017 by Milouz
"Lotus 98T Ayrton Senna JPS Rims included"
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added: 4:25pm, 2nd April 2017 by Milouz
"Verizon IndyCar Series Team Penske car #2"
view details
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