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News [RSS Feed]
added: 5:49pm, 20th November 2017 by tomi007beci
"Driver: Ifj. Kiss László Co-driver: Kissné Varga Zsuzsanna Championship: Hungarian Rally Championship 2017 Car: Ford.."
view details
added: 5:49pm, 20th November 2017 by ChrisKoh-Circuits
in GTR2 » Tracks
"Spaburgring - 7.317 km long fictional racing-circuit for GTR2 by ChrisKoh-Circuits After I've been interested in.."
view details
added: 6:08pm, 12th November 2017 by rolo1996
"Obrigado Felipe! :)"
view details
added: 2:35pm, 12th November 2017 by JDougNY and GVSE
"Hot Hatch Car Class V 1.00 by JDougNY/GVSE Model conversion editing by GVSE/JDougNY Models by SMS (S2U/Pcars) Physics by.."
view details
added: 1:06pm, 12th November 2017 by Frans Rosenberg
in GTR2 » Tracks
"This fictive circuit Bovenkerk, my home village, located just 10km underneath Amsterdam/Holland. (with the right AIW and.."
view details
added: 2:07pm, 8th November 2017 by Ira_Takamachi
"Itasha Livery Pack for Super GT GT500 mod based from the Android and iOS rythm game "The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls.."
view details
added: 8:44am, 7th November 2017 by Rot Teufel
"Welecome to the overhaul of the British Touring Car Championship for TCL mod. New seasons, new skins, better accourancy for.."
view details
added: 10:11am, 6th November 2017 by GTR233 and friends
"GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH v8.1 by GTR233 and friends ------------------------------------------------------ This.."
view details
added: 10:05am, 6th November 2017 by GTR233 and friends
in GTR2 » Mods
"GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v8.1 by GTR233 and friends -------------------------------------------------- This archive was.."
view details
added: 10:50pm, 5th November 2017 by mcoak
"Fusca HC #68 - Arturo Fernandes This was the skin that Arturo used when he and Jr. Lara Campos had the same sponsor :^)"
view details
added: 10:40pm, 5th November 2017 by mcoak
"Fusca HC #55 - Jr. Lara Campos"
view details
added: 6:52pm, 4th November 2017 by rduff
in GTR2 » Mods
"TEGT 2004 is season 2 of my endurance championship of a fictional nature. run across 9 rounds and contains 62.."
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added: 7:51pm, 1st November 2017 by Beethoven
"This mod count: > Adjust the lighting environment > New headlights 1.1 > Adjustments were made in the.."
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added: 9:13pm, 29th October 2017 by AndreasFSC
"This is a patch to fix problems with the updated ai file for Oulton Park that was included in AL Super Touring seasons.."
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added: 9:04pm, 29th October 2017 by AndreasFSC
"(THIS IS JUST A MINOR UPDATE TO THE OULTON TRACK UPDATES. So if you have v1.9 but have problems with the Oulton updates,.."
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