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Assetto Corsa Sunday Races
posted by Webmin - 11:44pm, 23rd February 2015

We are now running a series of fun races on Sundays, open to anyone.

The next scheduled races are:
GTs @ Donington Park GP - Sunday April 19th at 7PM GMT
KTM X-Bow R vs Lotus 2 Eleven @ Magione - Sunday April 26th at 7PM GMT

Find out more in our Assetto Corsa Races forum section

added: 10:47pm, 17th April 2015 by felixcast
"my first skin.. :) hope you like it.."
view details
added: 7:38pm, 17th April 2015 by chevyopala
"Pontiac Trans Am SE.."
view details
added: 4:43pm, 17th April 2015 by Guimengo
"This is my recreation of the 1988 Le Mans contender done as best as possible given the reference photos I could find. It.."
view details
added: 4:35pm, 17th April 2015 by Guimengo
"This is my recreation done as best as possible given the nearly nil reference photos I could find. It includes proper naming.."
view details
added: 5:00pm, 16th April 2015 by diabolik_802
"Hello all. A new skin for SEAT Leon 2007 3 available drivers : Yu Diabolik France 4 available.."
view details
added: 4:38pm, 15th April 2015 by MotherDawg
"AIW Fix for Donington 2011 by motorfx. Now includes both the National and the GP layout. The track itself can be DLed.."
view details
added: 7:15am, 15th April 2015 by DerDumeklemmer
"Zolder 1967 AC V1.01 presented by ==================================================== A conversion.."
view details
added: 7:55pm, 12th April 2015 by zwiss
in GTR2 » Tracks
"UPDATE 2.7 ========== - added skidmarks in corners by derDumeklemmer - re-entered the cows :) Have Fun !"
view details
added: 3:46pm, 12th April 2015 by DerDumeklemmer
"Hockenheim 1988 V1.4 ==================== A conversion for Assetto Corsa by Team -.."
view details
added: 9:19pm, 11th April 2015 by DerDumeklemmer
"A1-Ring AC V1.0 =============== Long time ago in mid '07 Dutch Devil converted A1-Ring for GTR2 based on the rF.."
view details
added: 9:17pm, 11th April 2015 by DerDumeklemmer
"A1-Ring GTL V2.3 ================ Long time ago in mid '07 Dutch Devil converted A1-Ring for GTR2 based on the rF.."
view details
added: 12:56pm, 11th April 2015 by Xheptor
"A small fix."
view details
added: 1:08am, 11th April 2015 by pistoncup
"Alfa Romeo GTA Brian Foley Bathurst 1972"
view details
added: 6:20pm, 10th April 2015 by valsilva111
"Camel Lotus 11 (lotus 98t) - Assetto Corsa Nelson Piquet"
view details
added: 4:06pm, 8th April 2015 by PowerMad
"1968 Scuderia Filipinetti L-88 Corvette driven by Henri Greder and Umberto Maglioli in the 24 hours of Le Mans of that year."
view details
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