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Championship GDB's and 24
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Conrad Grunewald 2014
Formula Drift Livery for NFS
Shift 2 by Lashen

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Car Mod color
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Switching out G27 wheel w/
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Snowy Fields 2013 for GTR2
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Assetto Corsa [Video Thread]
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News [RSS Feed]
added: 11:56am, 25th July 2014 by freak007
"Fail Crew Max Tvardovskiys r34 livery with rwd conversion, it drifts like a charm :)"
view details
added: 5:38am, 25th July 2014 by Lashen
"22 Jump Street Livery - Porsche 911 GT3 Cup R"
view details
added: 1:49pm, 24th July 2014 by B7ake
"G-Mods are for unpacked shift2u with patch 1.02 1.Those two mods are for players that are unhappy for whatever reason with.."
view details
added: 2:03am, 24th July 2014 by Ghanja with corrections by LST
" Here is the correct set of files for v2 of Gutz's Lola DBR1-2 Aston Martin. "
view details
added: 9:04am, 23rd July 2014 by Lashen
"Conrad Grunewald 's 2014 Formula Drift Livery-Chevrolet Camaro SS"
view details
added: 12:56pm, 22nd July 2014 by Horus
"A ALOOG skin for the Lotus 2 Eleven"
view details
added: 12:50pm, 22nd July 2014 by Horus
"Skin for the BMW Z4 GT3 for DJ Dime"
view details
added: 3:09am, 22nd July 2014 by Klafalcon
"L88 corvette #26 Camel Sports car sieries. "
view details
added: 11:23pm, 21st July 2014 by Basukid
"This is the original template used to skin the 2006 through 2008 Pescarolo based prototypes in the SCC mod."
view details
added: 11:22pm, 21st July 2014 by JPBS
" template used to skin the 2008+ Lola B08 based coupes."
view details
added: 11:21pm, 21st July 2014 by Mickalucardfang
"V8 Supercars 2013 Dunlop Series Skins. V8Factor Unleashed 1.1 needed"
view details
added: 11:20pm, 21st July 2014 by patlezinc
"Thanks to Alex Sawczuk for permissions. Barbagallo revisited for GSCEx Enjoy!"
view details
added: 11:20pm, 21st July 2014 by patlezinc
"Thanks to Alew Sawczuk for permissions. Sugo revisited 8 years afetr the initial release. Enjoy this really nice.."
view details
added: 11:20pm, 21st July 2014 by patlezinc
"Thanks to Alex Sawczuk for permissions The fantastic Putnam Park upgraded for GSCEx. Enjoy!"
view details
added: 11:19pm, 21st July 2014 by patlezinc
"Thanks to Com8 for permissions. Norisring upgraded to GSCEx standards"
view details
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Krajiska Zmija hillclimb(BiH)
by LeMaX
Krajiska Zmija hillclimb(BiH)
by LeMaX
Krajiska Zmija hillclimb(BiH)
by LeMaX
Krajiska Zmija hillclimb(BiH)
by LeMaX
by kochanie2106
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by rosh555
assetto corsa [g27] bmw m3 (e30) race @ imola
by lash20
how to make a server on assetto corsa
by jonbonken | Figure 8 | Week 13 |
by Swir80PL
by Omifumi

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