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by rcbill28 - 5:02pm
global leader in high-tech

by flosil127home - 4:16pm
Minimal HUD for NFS Shift 2
by makk0408

by leofarelus1985 - 3:50pm
Stretched Tires for NFS
Shift 2 by Beethoven

by leofarelus1985 - 3:48pm
GTL Lobby reloaded
by Mesler93 - 2:44pm
News [RSS Feed]
added: 5:20pm, 23rd October 2016 by cheeveer
"Hello all. Here are 16 cars from the famous 1979 BMW M1 Procar season, including all of the famous BMW Motorsport.."
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added: 4:16pm, 23rd October 2016 by NeelJ
"Automobilista - Mission Raceway Park & Fast v1.0 Original author to Rfactor: Relesys, Conversion, graphics changes and.."
view details
added: 2:57pm, 23rd October 2016 by NeelJ
in GTR2 » Tracks
"V1.1 detailed information, Added Fast variant, Mission Raceway and fast alternative to the first circuit, in fact, in.."
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added: 9:31pm, 22nd October 2016 by DerDumeklemmer
in GTR2 » Tracks
"Istanbul Park GTR2 V2.21 ======================== Brand new track for old cars. Do they seem to fit pretty well on this.."
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added: 12:40pm, 22nd October 2016 by pelaoo83
"Animated Cursors for rFactor.-"
view details
added: 12:40pm, 22nd October 2016 by pelaoo83
"Alternative "loading screen" for your rFactor."
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added: 12:39pm, 22nd October 2016 by pelaoo83
"Minimalist Showroom for rFactor"
view details
added: 5:32pm, 21st October 2016 by formulaHEINE
"This fictional skinpack for Assetto Corsa features a DHL skin in four different versions for the Mercedes AMG GT3 race car..."
view details
added: 1:22pm, 21st October 2016 by NeelJ
"Automobilista - 2014_Leipzig_Porsche v1.0 Original author for Rfactor: Relesys, Converting, Graphic changes and.."
view details
added: 3:26am, 18th October 2016 by Guimengo
"Kunos was too lazy to input the proper driver information and also do the correct driver naming on the cockpit sides. This.."
view details
added: 3:25am, 18th October 2016 by Guimengo
"I created a full grid of fictional cars based in 2012 Formula 1 to increase the field in the game, and make something more.."
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added: 2:51am, 18th October 2016 by Capri87
"#288 Mini Cooper S "977 ARX" driven by R. Aaltonen / T. Ambrose based on a Slot Car i have."
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added: 6:12pm, 17th October 2016 by Milouz
"Fictional skin Martini for Mercedes E190"
view details
added: 5:15pm, 17th October 2016 by Capri87
"Colourful Retro Cool Mini Cooper S"
view details
added: 6:11am, 16th October 2016 by NeelJ
"Automobilista: Donnybrooke_Speedway V1.0 Original author for Rfactor Mike Urbanski (NickDeFender) Conversion, editing.."
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