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News [RSS Feed]
added: 7:03pm, 21st May 2018 by JDougNY and GVSE
"Ferrari F430 Scuderia *** V1.10 Change Log *** - Added ambient occlusion (AO) to cockpit and exterior - adjusted.."
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added: 12:14am, 20th May 2018 by DurgeDriven
"These are mods to use with JSGME or OVGME They make 150 tracks appear in tracklist by Country"
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added: 5:38pm, 18th May 2018 by Brickyard Legends Team
"This pack contains 4 different variations of racing escorts from 1970 year. There is several Escort mods already, but they.."
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added: 9:51am, 17th May 2018 by HansKindler
in GTR2 » Mods
"Kremer K8 Spyder v1.0 a addon for GTR2 The missing prototype car as addon for the scc prototype mod 2.49 included are.."
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added: 8:56am, 13th May 2018 by Azagthoth
"RACE07: Baku 2016 v0.9 Original Author for GTL: philrob Conversion by Azagthoth I thank philrob who kindly gave me.."
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added: 8:49am, 13th May 2018 by Enders
"Circuit Maison Blanche 2014 Driving school & entertainment circuit located in Le Mans, France Length : 2,817km Enjoy !"
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added: 6:57pm, 10th May 2018 by cheeveer
"Hello y'all, here is the Luis Mendez Racing Corvette that Tommy Riggins crashed heavily in the Camel GT race on the.."
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added: 11:57am, 5th May 2018 by Azagthoth
in GTR2 » Tracks
"GTR2: Baku 2016 v0.9 Original Author for GTL: philrob Conversion by Azagthoth I thank philrob who kindly gave me the.."
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added: 8:42pm, 3rd May 2018 by cheeveer
"Hello there, here are five Lotus Esprit's that ran in the 1993 IMSA Supercar championship. These are not perfect,.."
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added: 2:47pm, 3rd May 2018 by cheeveer
"Hi there, here is Dan Furey's Corvette C4 as it ran in the Mid-Ohio round of the 1993 IMSA Camel GT championship..."
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added: 12:16pm, 3rd May 2018 by cheeveer
"Hello! Here's my second set of 1990's IMSA GT cars. Pack 1 was released about a year ago, so about time more of.."
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added: 3:48pm, 29th April 2018 by rolo1996
"This is Gábor Tim's 2011 car used on the New Year's Rally on Hungaroring."
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added: 12:20pm, 28th April 2018 by FDsign and Rainmaker
"Nürburgring 1965 by FDsign and Rainmaker This 3D-track was made by FDsign (Flying Dutchman) in 2015 for rFactor. It.."
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added: 12:43pm, 27th April 2018 by Enders and Rainmaker
"This 3D-track was made by Enders for rFactor. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Thank you.."
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added: 6:41pm, 23rd April 2018 by HansKindler
"TWR Porsche WSC-95 Joest Racing cars #7 and #8 LMP1 Le Mans 1996"
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