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News [RSS Feed]
added: 11:35am, 6th May 2016 by SandroX and Rainmaker
"This 3D-track was made by com8 (Alex Hummler) for rFactor. The Assetto Corsa conversion was done by SandroX. The enhancement.."
view details
added: 3:35pm, 5th May 2016 by JDougNY and gvse
"Porsche 991GT3RS 2016 Converted by JDougNY and GvsE from the Rfactor mod by PTSoftCorpRFTeam (permission granted by.."
view details
added: 3:30pm, 5th May 2016 by gvse and JDougNY
"Porsche 911R 2016 Only for game patched to version 10 and higher! 911R Rev 1.04 1 Rescaled carbon cockpit elements 2.."
view details
added: 3:15pm, 5th May 2016 by rduff
in GTR2 » Mods
"TEGT 2003 is an endurance championship of a fictional nature. run across 7 rounds. Requires only GTR2 Please let me.."
view details
added: 8:41am, 5th May 2016 by NeelJ
"Automobilista - Albi67 Rfactor v1.0 Original circuit Alain Bosco GPL (Grand Prix Legends) Conversion, modification &.."
view details
added: 10:41am, 2nd May 2016 by NeelJ
"Automobilista - Albi 2006 v1.0 Original author for SCGT Porsche Guy, Conversion, modification is graphics improvement.."
view details
added: 2:10am, 2nd May 2016 by BDibble343
"Mid-America Raceway, Wentzville, MO (MAR) MAR is an original Track made in BTB by BDibble342 The sports car circuit.."
view details
added: 2:09am, 2nd May 2016 by TeslaThatHedgehog
"I've made my own personal swingman camera setting for GTR2, and it's very similar to the ones in Gran Turismo.."
view details
added: 1:40am, 2nd May 2016 by whoops
"Mini livery of Portuguese HRC racer Pedro Botelho, many thanks to Pedro for his help with the sponsors on this GTL skin. To.."
view details
added: 7:05am, 1st May 2016 by NeelJ
"Automobilista - Gedinne 2011 v1.0 Original author for Rfactor: Relesys, Converting, Graphic changes and improvements by.."
view details
added: 4:30pm, 30th April 2016 by Mr. T
"AMS Copa de Marcas Seasons 1.0 1.0 Seasons: 2013, 2014 skins, talents, series"
view details
added: 9:28pm, 29th April 2016 by HAWK_Blackbird
"TV cam for Hungaroring 1988 v1.0"
view details
added: 5:12pm, 29th April 2016 by tmsr
"Template for F3000 Car"
view details
added: 3:25pm, 29th April 2016 by formulaHEINE
"This texture pack recreates the Adidas adistar gloves, the Adidas climacool racesuit and generic helmet textures for the new.."
view details
added: 4:08pm, 28th April 2016 by JDougNY and gvse
"RUF RT35: 4WD RUF RT35s: RWD both cars compatible with game version 10.3 Models and sounds by SMS Physics and model.."
view details
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