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Looking for some multiplayer fun?
posted by Webmin - 5:12pm, 23rd January 2016

If you like Assetto Corsa, on Sunday nights we have bi-weekly races running a variety of cars and tracks.
Find out more and sign up in our Assetto Corsa Races section.

Maybe you'd rather play in the DiRT for a bit of rally action with our DiRT Rally League. You can find more details and sign up in the DiRT Rally League section.

If you want to go old school with a more classic feel, we have twice weekly races in GT Legends and the Power and Glory mod, with the Wednesday Night Racing and Sunday Night Racing sections.

added: 5:21pm, 13th February 2016 by barcika
"Melczer Hill Climb and Hill Road - GTL v1.00 created by barcika Melczer Hill Climb Location = Hungary, Zemplén.."
view details
added: 10:50am, 13th February 2016 by ical_everon
"Easier to drive than default setup. v0.3 - easier to drive than v0.2. :P"
view details
added: 12:29am, 13th February 2016 by ericgtl
"Here PORSCHE RS number 59 ending 13 at Le Mans in 1974 Drivers: Anne-Charlotte Verney, Martine Renier and Pierre Mauroy"
view details
added: 6:29pm, 12th February 2016 by Brickyard Legends Team
"Brickyard Legends Team present : Renault R8 Gordini v1.1 we had to change mod's folder since we had conflict.."
view details
added: 9:36am, 12th February 2016 by Andy race
"Hi all fellow members This is my First attempt to create a skin for GTL. Thank's to CY-33's tips. Any way, here.."
view details
added: 7:49pm, 11th February 2016 by AndreasFSC
"BTC-spec cars from '01, '02, '03 and '04. This is not a conversion."
view details
added: 11:58am, 11th February 2016 by ericgtl
"Here is the Ferrari 275 GTB number 151 of the Tour de France Auto 1970, driven by Corentin and Prevost. Did not finish.."
view details
added: 11:40am, 11th February 2016 by CY-33
"This car was driven by Toine Hezemans for S.R.T. Holland in Zandvoort 1970. Afaik the car was repainted a few times - this.."
view details
added: 4:25pm, 10th February 2016 by Rainmaker
"The neutral post process filter gives you the opportunity to experience the Assetto Corsa graphics engine in a more natural.."
view details
added: 11:53am, 10th February 2016 by GTR233
"High Quality LENS FLARE for GTR2 & GT Legends No stock files will be overwritten No online mismatch Check.."
view details
added: 8:23pm, 8th February 2016 by ericgtl
"PORSCHE 911RS # 58 LE MANS 24h 1974 Hope you like it ericgtl"
view details
added: 6:30pm, 8th February 2016 by Brickyard Legends Team
"Brickyard Legends Team present : Zakspeed-Ford Mustang Turbo In the late 1970s, Zakspeed was the official Ford team in.."
view details
added: 6:19pm, 8th February 2016 by Brickyard Legends Team
"Brickyard Legends Team present : Ford Capri III Turbo Soon after the popular 'Group 5' regulations were.."
view details
added: 11:33am, 7th February 2016 by formulaHEINE
"This skinpack for Assetto Corsa is a fictional recreation of the Super Bowl 50 teams Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.."
view details
added: 5:35am, 7th February 2016 by ericgtl
"Mazda RX7 # 27 DAYTONA 1982 To use it you need the original Mod Brickyard Legends Team available Nogrip Hope you like.."
view details
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