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Latest Posts
Help with installing mods?
by kombadatchan - 2:26am

The Fanatec Support thread
by tosue713 - 2:17am

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari for
NFS Shift 2 by

by kombadatchan - 1:37am

Redline GTP v1.1 mod - Get
it running, updated, etc

by Guimengo - 1:25am

Here is Trace of boss 302
causing CTD

by unseen - 1:16am

FFB stopped working
by cacophony - 12:25am

National Corvette Museum
Motorsports Park?

by theravenousbeast - 11:45pm

NCM Motorsports Park?!
by ericyow - 11:17pm

Please make ncm motorsports
park for us!

by ericyow - 11:15pm

PTMu for NFS Shift 2 by

by SimDriver - 10:18pm

URL-GT3 - Round 1 -
Melbourne - Nov 25th

by Skenys - 9:28pm

AL Rain FX for GTR2 by

by rit 15 - 8:29pm

Two New Cars for iRacing
by Chronus - 7:26pm

Assetto Corsa [Video Thread]
by rauf00 - 7:13pm

BMW Z4 GT3 Team Brazil for
Assetto Corsa by

by by_MX - 7:03pm

Group 5 mod wip
by ufangio - 5:47pm

no FF with DFP in windows 7
by ponky - 5:02pm

URD Mod Ferrari skin

by 57goldtop - 4:19pm

[Release] North American 944
Spec Racing Series

by Mongoose75 - 3:57pm

When AI into the pitlane, it
stops on pitspot and just
stay in there

by michael_hugh - 3:20pm

News [RSS Feed]
added: 6:51pm, 23rd November 2014 by ArmedLightning
"Improved rain, rainspray, and windscreen effects."
view details
added: 4:45pm, 21st November 2014 by Iain.T
"Fictional Make-A-Wish livery"
view details
added: 2:01am, 21st November 2014 by valsilva111
"Model: BMW M3 GT2"
view details
added: 11:24am, 20th November 2014 by chevyopala
"AMC Javelin AMX 1971 _________________________________________________________________________________ Converted/Edited.."
view details
added: 5:27am, 19th November 2014 by DucFreak
"The idea with these new menus/interface for GTR2 is to make the interface look simpler and cleaner style wise, but it goes.."
view details
added: 5:23am, 19th November 2014 by DucFreak
"Please note that I only recommend the Installer version of the GTR2 UI MOD (which has now been updated/rectified). The.."
view details
added: 2:33am, 19th November 2014 by HPIrcr
"Completely fictional, and slightly modified from the original mod. Drop in your Nissan Skyline GTR folder, and then run it.."
view details
added: 10:40pm, 18th November 2014 by DerDumeklemmer
"Spa-Francorchamps 1988 GTL V1.0 =============================== Spa-Francorchamps 1988 was build from the scratch for.."
view details
added: 7:59pm, 18th November 2014 by Andrea Smiraglia
"carbon fiber and gold color for Schumi!"
view details
added: 5:36pm, 18th November 2014 by valsilva111
"*P4/5 Competizione model 2011"
view details
added: 4:11pm, 18th November 2014 by Skywilk
"Whole new physics for the GTR2 BPR mod by wildman_fr"
view details
added: 8:18am, 18th November 2014 by patlezinc
"Hi everyone! First, many thanks to Richo who gave me permissions to use this beautiful track. Thanks too to Alew Sawczuk.."
view details
added: 11:55am, 17th November 2014 by HPIrcr
"Completely fictional, and a redo from the previous version of the mod... Place in the Nissan Skyline GTR folder, and then.."
view details
added: 5:51pm, 14th November 2014 by chevyopala
"Oldsmobile Cutlass HURST Olds.."
view details
added: 5:50pm, 13th November 2014 by Velo
"Nardo handling circuit -> Especially for GTL - custom LODS, track maps and necessary files (NardoHC was originally.."
view details
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GTR 2 PC - No Driving Helps - Corolla WRC 1998 - Hot Lap - ST. Jovite - G27
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