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Latest Posts
GTR2-Mod:RMS-F1-2014 V1.1
by Madatek - 8:21am

System not in service?
Please help

by Fredlilp - 8:19am

IOM Update!
by Nordschleife - 7:33am

International Championship
Venues - Season 2014

by maeckie - 4:38am

The Shift 2 Modding Thread
by B7ake - 2:10am

Austin Healey Sprite Mk 1 -
The Frog for GT Legends by

by dmx - 11:48pm

DeTomaso Pantera gr5 & GTX
for GT Legends by papag21

by Vince Klortho - 11:41pm

[New version] 1965 F1
v2.2.0.2 by CROMS

by enfield - 7:55pm

Car Mod color
by Oscar97 - 7:42pm

Assetto Corsa [Video Thread]
by ADRIANF1esp - 6:09pm

Game Stock Car 2013 [Video

by ADRIANF1esp - 6:01pm

F1 2010 Ultimate Realism
Patch for F1 2010 by rssphp

by System - 5:18pm

[HELP] Spur gear gearbox
by Verde_msk - 5:08pm

Some F3 skins for rFactor2
by sergimoloro - 4:41pm

BTCC 2014 news and rumours
by Alex1911 - 4:39pm

G-Tyres for NFS Shift 2 by

by B7ake - 4:00pm

Talent files for mod
by racker2 - 3:25pm

Edit Vehicle Cost
by murphy0207 - 3:15pm

Hints & tips
by mildrew2 - 2:24pm

fiat 128 1300 cc special
by Ney.Dias - 1:35pm

News [RSS Feed]
added: 1:11am, 2nd August 2014 by gyarmatijanos
"Too easy... :) Seat Leon Green Racing WTCC"
view details
added: 5:18pm, 1st August 2014 by rssphp
"//Ultimate Realism Patch v1.03 -------------------------------------------- Mistakes and Bad Luck AI Fuel Simulation.."
view details
added: 2:24am, 1st August 2014 by Niethenerich
"Mein Erster Upload ein Fieses, cooles Schwarz Rot design des F3000 My First upload a Really cool Black Red design for.."
view details
added: 10:24pm, 31st July 2014 by Klafalcon
"This is a Boss 302 raced by Bobby Allison and David Pearson in Grand Americian, a 1 step lower Divison of Nascar. Bobby has.."
view details
added: 11:47am, 31st July 2014 by Rainmaker
"Just a small update that makes the roof of the grand stand visible. Get v1.21 here.."
view details
added: 9:07am, 31st July 2014 by patlezinc
"Many thanks to CTDP for permissions. Please visit for credits and donations. Reiza roadshaders added, srpl.."
view details
added: 4:17pm, 30th July 2014 by Horus
"A skin for the ALOOG community"
view details
added: 7:53pm, 29th July 2014 by papag21
"templates for Mazda RX7 mod by BLT there are seven bodystyles, four cockpits and two windows types, each with own.."
view details
added: 5:39pm, 29th July 2014 by Horus
"Skins for the BMW M3 E30/drift/dtm/gra/s1 READ THE READ ME!"
view details
added: 1:20pm, 29th July 2014 by B7ake
"G-Tyres-TrueGRIP are for packed and unpacked shift2u with patch 1.02 and DLC cars I`d like to thank whole NoGripRacing.."
view details
added: 12:25pm, 29th July 2014 by Horus
"A skin for Ferrari 599xxevo"
view details
added: 12:05pm, 29th July 2014 by rssphp
"Provides a fake grip with the track. Mainly intended for those who play on the keyboard. Now you can safely play mode the.."
view details
added: 10:40am, 29th July 2014 by papag21
"templates for DeTomaso Pantera gr5 & GTX mod by BLT three styles in total, each with its own body1 and window template"
view details
added: 9:26am, 29th July 2014 by Brickyard Legends Team
"Brickyard Legends Team present : MAZDA RX-7 Gr2 & GTU The Mazda RX-7 is a sports car produced by the Japanese automaker.."
view details
added: 8:36pm, 28th July 2014 by Klafalcon
"Another falcon with NGK as main sponsor. "
view details
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2015 the road will belong to Max again
by CarolinaMan
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by rallymaster
by rallymaster
by rallymaster
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Assetto Corsa Corvette C6R 2013
by beingy
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by theravenousbeast
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by Denni
nfs shift 2 unleashed - Chevrolette Corvette Z06 @ catalunya
by lash20
nfs shift 2 unleashed - Lamborghini Murcielago @ Ochersleben
by lash20

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