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News [RSS Feed]
added: 12:03pm, 9th July 2017 by 3131
"1998 was the year considered by many with the most beautiful liveries. And I tried to be as faithful as possible. I hope.."
view details
added: 6:18pm, 8th July 2017 by JDougNY and GVSE
"Ferrari F430 Scuderia Car model and sounds by SMS (Shift xbox 360 dlc) Model conversion by GVSE. Physics, audio and.."
view details
added: 12:28pm, 6th July 2017 by MotherDawg
"Running a "Trace" on rFactor will give: setup.cpp 2298: Could not find I made an.."
view details
added: 12:24pm, 6th July 2017 by JoSiffert
"Porsche 956 Matsuda Collection from the 1000 km of Fuji in 1983, driven by Boutsen and Pescarolo. It is for the C-era.."
view details
added: 12:22pm, 6th July 2017 by Highbank
"This is my personal driver car for my 1968 Trans Am Series car set that is in the works... Created using the GTL TC65.."
view details
added: 9:28am, 2nd July 2017 by Protobuilders Garage & friends
"There is a update patch for those who have 2.0 or 2.1 version.."
view details
added: 9:25am, 2nd July 2017 by Nappe1
"This is update for 1964-1969 Mini Cooper 970S mod versions 2.0 and 2.1. If you have 1.0 version, please download the full.."
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added: 3:01pm, 1st July 2017 by Calimero Oeuf
"Linas Montlhery update v1.2 - Fixed 30 slots - Some walls modified to reflect exactly the real track (Thanks TheSky) -.."
view details
added: 5:05am, 1st July 2017 by ArmedLightning
"Improved rain, rainspray, and windscreen effects."
view details
added: 10:40am, 27th June 2017 by gonzaluigiRacer
"Hi! I'm gonzaluigiRacer, from Spain (aka Gonzaluigi). This is my circuit with three versions. Redame is here ;)"
view details
added: 10:20pm, 26th June 2017 by PassiveObsessive
"A step into the 21st Century."
view details
added: 10:19pm, 26th June 2017 by PassiveObsessive
"Time for some V8 thunder!"
view details
added: 7:18am, 25th June 2017 by gogglesx
"2004/5 Rollcentre Racing Dallara LMP wing for PrototypesSCC 2.49 mod."
view details
added: 7:11am, 24th June 2017 by eichmann
"Midvaal Raceway, Meyerton, Gauteng Province South Africa. This was done using race track builder, any help/suggestions.."
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added: 10:29pm, 23rd June 2017 by Guimengo
"I began going through season liveries for certain ingame series and wanted to create a consistent look for them, especially.."
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