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Another race, another problem!

added byflipguy12   
info Date: 15th November 2016 · Views: 230
descriptionAll weekend we were fighting an electrical gremlin. After only finishing one lap in each of he first 3 races, we found that the "circuit breaker" on the car was tripping for no reason. Then, as you can see in the video, when we put it back together we still had a wire loose. Was able to get good continuity somehow and then the car ran great. Who would have thought that after only doing 3 laps we still needed to top off the fuel cell. We sure didn't! Ran out of gas, was able to finish more than the required 50% for points! Final results for the championship came in...(drum roll please) are watching the 2016 CVAR D Production National Champion! Thank you...thank you!
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