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Road Trip | Miami to Chicago - Part 2 | Time Lapse | 4K

added byicedrey   
info Date: 12th May 2017 · Views: 123
descriptionBeautiful vistas and scenery and great music. Together they are the perfect relaxation for any car enthusiast. Driving the classic Ferrari F40 today. More details below...

▼ This car is soooo good. It's super fast, super noisy and very fun to drive. The F40 is a classic for me, and I still remember having and playing with a little toy car Ferrari F40 when I was little. I should still have it somewhere in a box around the house lol.
Anyway back to the car. It handles like a dream and I never once feel like fighting to stay on the road, like I did with the Koenigsegg for example. The road trip was really fun and I hope you all enjoy it!
Part 2 is even for fun because of the weather!

▼ I am using a G29 steering wheel with Hardcore settings and manual clutch, so if you might spot me miss a gear shift every now and then. So sit back, relax and enjoy the time lapse!

▼ Road Trip Pictures / Album:

▼ Music Tracks (in order):
Sirens - Martin Hall
If Tomorrow - Cacti


▼ Find me on:
Twitch: ExcyTe_Gaming

▼ Game With Me:
Xbox: ExcyTeGaming
Origin: ExcyTeGaming
Uplay: ExcyTeGaming

▼ BUY The Crew over at GMG:

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▼ Hope you guys enjoy the video and leave me your feedback in the comment section.

▼ The Crew is a massive multiplayer racing game. You can spend hours on it just driving around the map and enjoying everything it has to offer. Beautiful vistas, long stretches of road, snow, mountains, rain and the beach.

▼ Sound Effects by

▼ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
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